Floating Holistic Healing Spa Coming to Exton

Divine Float Spa will offer float therapy, red light therapy, infrared sauna, massage, halotherapy, and reiki healing when it opens in 2022
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As a busy mom working in the corporate world of IT, Divya Warble found great release in natural healing modalities. Wanting to share this type of healing with others, Warble decided to open her very own holistic spa just 10 minutes away from her Downington home.

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“I’ve lived here for 15 years, and I want to give the gift of healing to the people in this neighborhood. It’s more than just the services. My goal is to help bring the community together,” Warble told What Now Philadelphia.

Divine Float Spa opens in Lionville Shopping Center, at 144 Eagleview Blvd. in Exton, in January/February 2022. LMS Commercial Real Estate Leasing Director Arlene Gray completed the leasing deal for the 3,060 sq. f.t space.

Warble had been working in IT for 15 years but didn’t feel that this was the type of work she was meant to do it. She had been using floating therapy for about three years in addition to practicing other types of holistic healing. She got the idea to start her own floating business after a floating session that left her feeling centered and quiet. After this experience, she knew opening a holistic spa would be her calling. Warble was considering opening a franchise, but after spending so many years in the corporate world, she decided that wasn’t the way she wanted to go. So, Warble is building the business from scratch and will have to conduct a sizeable build-out before Divine Floating Spa opens.

“Floating comes with a huge construction cost. It’s sensory reduction, so all the walls have to be soundproofed. There are showers involved. With all the electrical and plumbing, it’s a huge build-out. We’re just a neighborhood family that’s investing in all of this. Our life is on the line, but this is what’s calling. God will provide, and the community is there.”

Floating therapy is a form of sensory deprivation therapy that involves being placed in a tub of 12 inches of water with 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt that causes you to float. Float therapy works to relieve pain, aid in muscle recovery, and ease the mind to release stress and promote relation. It can also reduce blood pressure, relieve anxiety, improve sleep, enhance creativity and mental alertness.

“Our mind saves so much data, and if we don’t reboot it, then it’s running at a slower speed. Floating helps with completely turning that off,” Warble said. “I have one hour of time dedicated to myself. Away from the cellphone, kids, the task lists I have in my mind. I can be centered. This is where I can visualize stuff. And there’s so much creativity that comes out for me. It’s body, but it also helps with the mind.”

Divine Float Spa will also offer red light therapy, infrared sauna, massage, halotherapy, and reiki healing. You can find information on each therapy and its benefits here.

Warble said she was grateful to see that the kind of community she wanted to build was present in the location she had been eyeing. Local businesses didn’t hesitate to help her spread the word about her incoming business by allowing her to put out flyers or just share by word of mouth. She also has lots of friends helping with other aspects of starting her business. Warble hopes to contribute to and expand this community by helping it be one where healing can grow.

Divine Float Spa is offering a pre-launch sale of up to 30 percent off during December. Those discounts on pre-purchased services will drop as the opening date draws closer. You can learn more about Divine Float Spa’s services and its sale at divinefloatspa.com.

Floating Holistic Healing Spa Coming to Exton - Photo 2
Spa Manager Opal Ricks (left) Owner Divya Warble (right) Photo: Official


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