Manatawny Still Works To Add Two New Tasting Rooms Before The End Of The Year

They would like their customers to "find their Manatawny".
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Manatawny Still Works is planning on expanding the number of tasting rooms that they have in the city of Philadelphia. Manatawny plans on opening one tasting room at 49 W. Lancaster Avenue in Ardmore and another on North Lee Street in Fishtown.

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According to a press release, “Manatawny Still Works is a state-of-the-art distillery engineering the highest quality small-batch American whiskeys. They honor distilling heritage by combining premium ingredients, innovative distillation processes, and thoughtful barrel aging and finishing to build their own house of craft spirits. Manatawny also produces vodkas, gins, rums, and brandies.”

When What Now Philadelphia spoke with the director of brand operations Jay Kosek, he explained the origin of the company’s name. The company was founded near the banks of Manatawny Creek which the Lenape named Man’en’tau’wata’wik which means “a place we meet to drink”, so the company adopted the Manatawny name because it means the same to them. Kosek added that it is important to their company that everyone “finds their Manatawny” or their place to drink.

Kosek told What Now Philadelphia via phone that the new tasting rooms should be open by the end of the year and that, like the Passyunk tasting room, they would revolve around their cocktail programming which gives them the opportunity to show their spirits off in the best possible light. Kosek believes that their cocktail programming is second to none because they create all of their own syrups to make sure that everything is as fresh as it can be.

Kosek said that he had spent an hour, while assisting at an event, juicing lemons to make sure that they had enough fresh lemon juice.

Additionally, Kosek said that the tasting rooms will be offering local beers and wine for people who aren’t as into cocktails and zero-proof cocktails, so there will be options for everyone’s taste. In fact, while there is the standard bar list of drinks like martinis, Manhattans, and Sazeracs, the bartenders are encouraged to put their heads together and craft new signature cocktails.

Kosek said to What Now Philadelphia, “One of the signature cocktails that are really popular that we make is called Cool Summer which has vodka, a lavender syrup that we make for ourselves, and lemon. When you mix it together, you get this really nice lavender lilac color that you can spot across the street if it’s in a plastic to-go cup.”

The tasting rooms will have light snack options like tinned fish and cheese plates, but will not have a kitchen and foodservice. It’s not really their thing, they like to concentrate on the spirits and cocktails. One thing that Kosek did stress is that the tasting rooms are located in areas that have many great restaurants and Manatawny wants to encourage their customers to familiarize themselves with the neighborhood and patronize those restaurants which is a very neighborly idea to have.

The tasting rooms will also sell bottles of Manatawny Still Works spirits for customers to take home and make their own cocktails and merchandise. As always, Manatawny Still Works truly hopes to help anyone who patronizes their tasting rooms to “find their Manatawny“.

Dolores Quintana

Dolores Quintana is a staff reporter for What Now Media Group reporting on food and restaurants. She has written for publications as diverse as The Mirror Media Group, Fangoria Online, We Like LA, The Shudder Blog, The Blog at the [email protected] Court, Buddyhead, and Nightmarish Conjurings. She is a Rotten Tomatoes-approved film and television critic. She spends a lot of her time at screenings, film festivals and seeking out new and interesting restaurants, pop-ups, and coffee roasters.
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