Mission BBQ Could be Bringing its Patriotic Plates to Sicklerville

The Maryland-based BBQ joint that prides itself on celebrating hometown heroes, from first responders to veterans, is quickly spreading throughout the nation.
Mission BBQ Could be Bringing its Patriotic Plates to Sicklerville
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Mission BBQ, which was founded as a way to honor America’s veterans and first responders, looks poised to take up residence in a new Sicklerville development located at 601 Berlin-Cross Keys Rd, according to local media outlet, 42 Freeway, which cites recent job listings that have been making the rounds online.

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As 42 Freeway’s chief journalist, Mark Matthews writes, “The ‘General Manager’ job listings for a Sicklerville location of Mission BBQ have appeared online all summer long. But initially they simply said ‘Sicklerville’ as a location…But then in October I noticed a new version of General Manager job listing at Indeed that very clearly says ‘601 Berlin-Cross Keys Road, Sicklerville NJ…And to be clear this posting is from the official Mission BBQ Indeed page, not some other site rehashing job postings.”

A representative of Mission BBQ couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.

Mission BBQ was founded on Sep 11, 2011 – a decade after the World Trade Center attacks. Inspired by the events of that fateful day and the “brave men and women who have sworn to protect and serve our communities and our country,” former Outback Steakhouse executive Stephen Newton and former Under Armour executive Bill Krauss teamed up, driven by their passion for BBQ, unwavering patriotism, and belief in “running a business with meaning and purpose.”

Clearly, it was a recipe Americans were hungry for, as over the past 11 years Mission BBQ has opened more than 100 locations across the nation while donating more than $20,000,000 to various fundraisers and service projects for veterans and first responders, according to the company’s website.

As for the food, Newton and Krauss – who believe that BBQ is truly the only culinary tradition America can lay claim to – traveled “From Texas to Kansas City, the Carolinas to St. Louis, and all the tasty local joints on back roads and in backyards nationwide, we grilled the Grill-Masters. Learned their secret sauces. Sampled the best they had to offer again and again…Then we brought it all home to share.”

The result is six barbecue sauces made in-house and a menu that’s brimming with brisket, pulled pork, spare ribs, salmon, and much more.

Drew Pittock

Drew Pittock is a freelance writer from Los Angeles, CA. He’s covered music, culture, and plant-based cuisine for various media outlets from Beijing to Tallinn and beyond. He currently lives in El Paso, TX with his wife and their cat.
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