Carbon Copy Beer And Wine Makers Taking Over Dock Street Location

It will be Philadelphia's first combination brewery and winery and will open in the fall.
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It’s true. Carbon Copy: Beer And Wine Makers is taking over the shuttered Dock Street Brewery space at 701 South 50th Street. It will be Philadelphia’s first combination brewery and winery and will open in the fall.

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The beer and wine makers plan to provide an unpretentious, accessible and unique dining experience in the space, while creating a true “neighborhood bar” feel for locals.

Owners and brewery and hospitality experts, Brendon Boudwin and Kyle Wolak are bringing 20 years of combined experience and knowledge in beer and winemaking to Philadelphia. The duo decided to quit their jobs in 2020 and set off on their own and create Carbon Copy

Although beer will be made on site, they do not exclusively consider themselves “a brewery”. The team will also be making their low intervention wine from the best growing regions in the Mid-Atlantic and provide a snack-style menu that is centered around their wood-fired oven.

“Our goal is to build a community around quality and consistent beer and wine while being an active member of our neighborhood,” said Wolak. “It is also important for us to mitigate our impact on the environment”.

The name “Carbon Copy” serves as a tongue-in-cheek reminder to always follow their own path, and not become a carbon copy of the popular brewing trend of the moment. The name is also symbolic of the team’s commitment to minimizing their carbon footprint through mindful waste management, utilizing renewable resources in production, and investing in carbon offsets as the company grows.

Carbon Copy: Beer and Wine Makers is headquartered in the Cedar Park neighborhood of West Philadelphia. Brendon Boudwin and Kyle Wolak are striking out on their own for the first time to bring you unpretentious and accessible drinking and dining experience.

Inside the watering hole, you’ll find not only beers made in-house and wine fermented in their production facility across town, but also a pizza, sandwiches, and snack-centric food menu focused around their wood-fired oven.

Dolores Quintana

Dolores Quintana is a staff reporter for What Now Media Group reporting on food and restaurants. She has written for publications as diverse as The Mirror Media Group, Fangoria Online, We Like LA, The Shudder Blog, The Blog at the [email protected] Court, Buddyhead, and Nightmarish Conjurings. She is a Rotten Tomatoes-approved film and television critic. She spends a lot of her time at screenings, film festivals and seeking out new and interesting restaurants, pop-ups, and coffee roasters.
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