RoboBurger May Bring Their Robotic Burger Units To Philadelphia

The robot made burgers would cost $6.99 each.
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Roboburger is a company that places robotic burger units or a “restaurant in miniature” in places within a city or a business area that lacks restaurant options. The company is based in Newark with burger unit locations in New Jersey and is looking at Philadelphia as the next city to expand into according to co-founder and CEO Audley Wilson.

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The Roboburger units are twelve feet in size and are self-cleaning modules with an automatic griddle and a refrigerator unit per The Philadelphia Business Journal.

The Roboburger units can cook a burger in six minutes for $6.99 each. The robot inside the burger unit cooks the hamburger patty, warms the bun, and applies the customer’s favorite condiments to the bun while putting the burger together. The ingredients of each Roboburger are Martin’s potato rolls, Heinz brand condiments, Pat La Frieda patties, and an aged Wisconsin cheddar, so they aren’t skimping on quality and are giving customers a healthy option. Roboburger is looking for retail businesses to partner with the placement of their burger units. Chief Technology Officer Dan Braido says that Roboburger will pay a share of the revenues from the burger units to their retail partners per The Philadelphia Business Journal.

The burger unit performs self-cleaning after making each burger and a worker that comes by to restock the machine will clean the unit again at the end of the day. Robots in food preparation are one of the newest innovations in the restaurant business and more businesses are starting to use this option. CTO Dan Braido said, as quoted by The Philadelphia Business Journal, “Think of all the places where you don’t have food options in the area, that couldn’t support even a hot dog truck. But our machine can make a profit for the company with just over 20 burgers per day.”

Dolores Quintana

Dolores Quintana is a staff reporter for What Now Media Group reporting on food and restaurants. She has written for publications as diverse as The Mirror Media Group, Fangoria Online, We Like LA, The Shudder Blog, The Blog at the [email protected] Court, Buddyhead, and Nightmarish Conjurings. She is a Rotten Tomatoes-approved film and television critic. She spends a lot of her time at screenings, film festivals and seeking out new and interesting restaurants, pop-ups, and coffee roasters.
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