Redcrest Fried Chicken Closes To Facilitate Opening Of Redcrest Kitchen

Redcrest Kitchen Started A Honeycomb Credit Fundraiser To Help With Flood Costs.
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Co-owner and chef Adam Volk and co-owner Chivonn Anderson have decided to close Redcrest Fried Chicken in advance of the opening of the full-service restaurant Redcrest Kitchen. They are doing this to preserve their resources because they have to deal with the aftermath of the water main break at the property where the new restaurant will open.

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The new location is near the corner of Sixth and Bainbridge and unfortunately, three weeks after the owners signed the lease, a 100 year old water main broke and flooded the basement with 100,000 gallons of water in July of 2021. The property and everything in it at the former Bainbridge Street Barrel House were destroyed. When What Now Philadelphia spoke with Adam Volk via phone, he told us that he has not been able to reach the Philadelphia Office of Risk Management and that the insurance company denied their claim for damages.

Redcrest Fried Chicken opened in 2018 and was immensely popular immediately. The restaurant came through the pandemic and was even able to work with the local community to stage a relief program to feed frontline health workers and doctors in New York City and Philadelphia during those dark days.

Volk and his partners have nevertheless been working on the repairs and other tasks needed to go forward with opening Redcrest Kitchen. Volk told What Now Philadelphia that he estimates that with repair moving at their current rate, with the requisite supply chain issues, he could have a mostly functional restaurant by July. They would need to go through the permitting process in July and apply for a liquor license in August, but they do need to replace about $100,000 worth of damaged equipment.

Volk and Anderson made the decision to partner with Honeycomb Credit, which is an investment crowdfunding platform. Honeycomb allows businesses to borrow funds from the local community and the people who love their restaurant. Volk told What Now Philadelphia that they have set a bare-bones minimum goal of $70,000 on the platform and the campaign has about 20 days left.

Volk envisions Redcrest Kitchen as an unfussy full-service restaurant that focuses on quality food and a quality wine list. Never fear, Redcrest Fried Chicken menu items will be available through Redcrest Kitchen as a take-out ghost kitchen service. Chef Volk wants the restaurant to be a place where you can go with friends after work or on a date, more than once a week. He told What Now Philadelphia that he is very excited to open and become part of the Queen VillageBella Vista neighborhood.

Dolores Quintana

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